Incels were orignally a forum started by a black women explaining her struggles about sex.
This was until horny white men took over and you get the picture. Incels have been populartised by the internet for various reasons - mainly the violent and fucked up ones like Chris Chan. Incels are alot more complex than one might orignally suspect. There is subcatorgies and cultures within the community. Wanna know what an indian incel refers to themselve as 'Currycel'. Not even joking.
There is some bits what are important though - such as things like the red pill, blue pill and black pill. The black pill is what my work focuses on the most. Looking at the Suifeul on the shit The black pill is esentially saying your only option is to lie down and rot. Society hates you so you should die. This however comes in stages for example the red pill is the acception that your fate is out of your hand ehich is the oppsite of the blue pill. This is the idea of trying to form some kind of revenge.Incels are infact very very depressed inviduals who instead of opting for nay aspect of growth have decided to sit in their depression and let these negetive thougths grow.
The incels which the media typically shows are those like Chris Chan and this is mainly because they are the oppitony of incels. These incels that are in media are typically seen because their hatred towards to wamen is violent. The communtiy is intoxicating to those who have these struggles, it is understandable why men feel this sense of isolation and rejection and for good chunk of them dealing this in a healthy way is something which can be inaccesbale due to social sigma. This hatred of women does not come from a place of hate but rather frustration.<
As this is a community which is based about this idea of whatver hurts is true we learn to understand that the 'incel' is something which needs thearpy.
I find it also note worthy that the incel is the only community with the same amount of comedic value as memes. TTTT and ProAna are considered tragic despite their toxic behaviours. I wonder if this is becuase it is alot more socially accpetiable to laugh at some subgorups rather than others.

When I was dicussing this project with fellow femoids what I found intresting was that most them have encountered incels, or people with simular believes.