JR Carpentor

JR Carpentor is a poetry based net.artist who makes digtial poetry. The way code it's self is what helps create the narrative at hand within the poetry. By using arrays she able to swap out words ina string to come up with these intresting senariors. The xomplexity of this code is what makes the art.The word is self is very elegant and neat which is something which I might not apply to by work. She talks however about this idea of the asthetic of the internet - which is something rather quiet fancinating. She talks about the choice of using underscores and fullstops between words and instead of having a clean asethic to you website it should look as though it is infact handmade. She also talks about how knowing about internet hisotry is imporant talking about sites like Geocities and the early days of MSN. It is imporant that we know the about these bubbles in internet history to be able to relate it the modern web.