Mashocistic Epistemology

This is the belief that 'Whatever hurts must be true.'

This is what the three commmunities based their idenity around and then it turns into this being anxious death spiral.
Yes you might be sad that you got called dumb piece of shit because you got a D- in your exam. The issue with this is that is does not consider the idea of the differnce bewtween an objective truth and a subjective truth. Objectivily yes you did perform less than average but this objective truth does not know when you sat that exam your cat just died or you got an E before etc. The issue with this beliefe is that any verison of what is true is what counts regardless of its objective or subjective. Your irrational thought that no will ever love you since your ex - you are upset by that and therefore it must be true.

This is seen in all 3 communties I am looking at. E.g "I am inscure that I am fat an therefore I a fat"

The issue with this is that you can lead to "an anxious death spiral" as called by Contrapoints.

The Anxious Death Sprial - Incel edition

  1. Experince of Rejection + Isolation
  2. You are unactractive
  3. You will never be attractive to women
  4. You will be forever alone
  5. You will always be unhappy
  6. Women did this to you
  7. Feminsim empowerd women to do this too
  8. Social trends that made this possible are only getting worsr
  9. Humanity is doomed
  10. Your only option is to lie down and rot :)

Obviously this is not the case, but this is what this ideology feeds into. That your biggest insurites are true and there is nothing you can do about it

It is a lot easier to hear when you are not in the greatest brain state that you are in fact this stupid peice of shit and that you will always be a stupid peice of shit, rather hear that all your thoughts are irrational and you need to change to get better.

It is very easy to ask why would anyone end up toxic self hate spiral. To put it simply I don't know even when it is something we can all relate to in a way. Why do people cut themselves?