Pro-ana. FUck me Pro-ana. This community is fucking scary. It exsited way beforer tumblr but is primary seen on tumblr now days. Why the fuck is it still up. Anyway Pro-ana. Mainly sites promoting disorder eating. You also get pro-mia for pro bulmia. THis was orignaily a group chats to help people recover from EDs but it evolvoed into these people giving others tips on how to feed their disorded. On tumblr alot of the behvaiours that you see are glorfied. HelloKitty and Monster High are used along with these asthetic backgrounds. The idea is that is ment to be promoted as ebeing feminine and gracful to do this depsite the horrible nature of it. I take this issue quiet seriously for various reasons and it does infact anger me that the pro ana community on tumblr is still up when TTTT and Incels were taken down on sites with a biggerr position on freedom of speech than Tumblr. FFS they bannedd porn. There s links on the community to join gorup chats and meanspo in which you would pick apart other people for 'being fat'. This is also something which is seen on TTTT and incels. It's not a happy thing but oh well. This community does act in simular ways to TTTT somehow in were postivity posts is what turns into the Suifuel, The Suicifuel comes from the idea that 'I could never be that', and therefore i might as well die. There should be also little notes that the difference with this other commnties as this community used to have meetups which would consisit on bingeing and pruging in sweet shops etc. Also invention of things like the red string on your wrist which was lied to be 'to raise awareness of ED', but rather was so you were more aware when you arm reached your mouth. againt this site is not ttaken down