This was the trans tag on 4chan. WHich is bad idea to begin with. Started off as forum of trans women. Then turned into trans women picking part other trans women. There is big fascisition with bines like Incels and Pro-ana. This is becaues it is something solid and impossible to change and is often sited in why you will quote on quote 'nver pass'. The term hon is used on there as an insult and is ment to conter the postivity that you would see on sites like reddit and tumblr. The basic menaing is that you look like a man a in a dress. In a werid way they also tear apart other famous transwomen on why they don't pass. It is alot easier to see your incusties as being presented as true rather than anything of you is thinking is irrational. TTTT was taken down but archives of it still exsit. It is hard to tell the difference between what is shitpost and what is genuine.