Shu Lea Cheang

Shu Lea Cheang is a net.artist who alongside filmaking made narrative via webpages. His most notable work is 'Brandon' (1998). This project took a year to make and looks at ' issues of gender fusion and techno-body in both public space and cyberspace.' The site is named after Brandon Teena who was raped and murdered after finding out he 'how this emerging virtual environment enables individuals to inhabit and play with different gender roles and characters'. I like how this peice is able mkae the user feel uncomforatble with what is happening. The graphic content does not always match the vibe. It is almost like how a series of differnt graphics are able to form a narrative.

Also it was mentioned before that people often go the internet for comfort so this does make me wonder about the disconnect about the relationship between what is on screen and there assioation with comfott. There is this expection with the internet that we see the content that we want to see - so I do think that when we confronted with something 'uncomfortable' like rape or murder there can be an intresting responce. Eva and Fraco Mattes's No Fun might cover this but - I do also wonder if thats why the people reacted differently between the last two videos.