Pourpentine is a net.artst who uses hypertext to create these interactive fiction peices. She mainly uses twine.

She is mainly known as game designer but is well regarded in the hypertext society within net art. Her work has a very personal tone talking about her issues with dysphoria and her experiecne with HRT. Her most known peice is howling dogs with is has big themes of escapism, violence and relgious experince.

What I find intresting abot her work is this notion that she uses the langauge of gaming in order to explain complex personal issues. The animation of text and graphic create this atmosphere but I think the main thing that makes it addictive is she is using tropes typically seen in gaming. What I think is intresting that by clicking from page to page the music and the animation make you engrossed in the actual story much like Olia Lialina. Playing her games is actually addictivein a way. There is sligth disconnect between the personal nature however because she is known for using functions typically seen in gaming. You are able to empathise with the issues at hand without directly being involed. What I find interesting is that within her games the idea of these complex issues are often explained though memes at the time. She uses the lanauage of internet culture within her work.